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Welcome to the world of Metlife health care - a world of initiative, zest, innovation and social concern.

MetLife Health Care started its journey in 2006 to transform the lives of its associates by providing then best quality health care products including food supplements, efffentials minerals supplements, neutraceuticals, immune boosters, drinks.

MetLife not only provides quality products but also provides a complete road map to earn handsome monthly income plan.

Metlife today has made significant contributions to the industry and more importantly to all men and women who want to dream and productively use their time to augment their income. It offers a perfect and a promising business opportunity for anyone who wants to start-up their own business.

We offer a very rewarding and attractive compensation plan for the consultants which helps them achieve their dreams and things that they desire for including big cars , foreign trips and pension plan.

As a company we strongly believe to make our business easy and rewarding for our consultants. Innovation and adaptation of best practices to serve consultants better is a hallmark of our philosophy and culture.

Meet our Franchisers

Kh. Usman Saeed

Mashallah Market, Islam Nagar Road, Pacca Garah

Abdul Raheem

Mian Plaza, Chandni Chowk, Murree Road

Asim Ali Shah

Near Masjid Aqsa, Peoples Colony

Abdul Jabbar

MetLife Office, Street #9, Circle #9