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MetLife Health Care is a family of diverse people from all walks of life. We work together from locations around the world to bring you a wide selection of natural health products and nutritional supplements that we proudly stand behind.

We are known in the industry as a "vertically integrated" company. This means that for each product, we strive to cover the entire process of manufacturing, marketing, distributing, and selling that product ­ from beginning to end ­ from as close to the farm or ocean or plant as we can get, to your kitchen cupboard. Our sourcing and quality control teams pay careful attention to each and every ingredient sourced from locations around the world. To assure exceptional quality, our labs test and retest raw materials, ingredients and products at multiple steps in the manufacturing process.

We are passionate about making healthy products

When you purchase one of our products, rest assured that we know you bought it for an important reason. You care about taking care of yourself and your family. We feel the same way. That's why we've done all we can to make good on our core promise to you -"Quality Without Exception."

Quality Without Exception

At MetLife Health Care, quality is measured by customer satisfaction and confidence in products that have been thoroughly screened and tested to meet label claims. To achieve this goal, the MetLife Health Care team monitors and controls every step of production ­ from sourcing the best raw materials to testing the finished product for dissolution and stability. Our pharmacists and scientists are constantly assessing and improving our protocols to produce quality goods.
We have some of the strongest manufacturing capabilities in the industry. Our manufacturing process generally consists of the following:
  • Sourcing ingredients for products
  • Quarantining and warehousing raw ingredients
  • Measuring ingredients for inclusion in products
  • Blending, grinding and granulating (chilsonating) the ingredients into a mixture with a homogeneous consistency
  • Encapsulating, tableting, pouring, pouching, or bagging the blended mixture into the appropriate dosage form using either automatic or semiautomatic equipment
  • The next step (bottling and packaging) involves placing the product in packaging with appropriate tamper-evident features and sending the packaged product to a distribution point for delivery to retailers.
    Our quality control program´s goal is to ensure the superior quality of Nutraceutical´s products and that they are manufactured in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices ("cGMPs"). As part of our commitment to quality and safety, we use a variety of analytical testing methods to detect and/or quantify a variety of chemical compounds, heavy metals and microbials. Our processing methods are monitored closely to ensure that only quality ingredients are used and to ensure product purity. Periodically, we retain the services of outside GMP audit and/or consulting firms to assist in our efforts to comply with current GMPs.
    Metlife is known for its reputation as a leader in the development of new and innovative products. We´re also recognized as having one of the best in-house laboratories in the industry. Our manufacturing and laboratory facilities meet or exceed industry standards.
    Technologies are a vital part of our program. Our scientists and engineers constantly work on new processes and inventions in a variety of fields - from packaging and equipment, to product processing technologies, to manufacturing to laboratory standards and equipment. We believe that product quality and innovation are fundamental to our long-term growth and success. We have a commitment to research and development and to introducing innovative products to correspond with consumer trends and scientific research. Through our research and development efforts, we seek to:
  • Test the safety, purity, and potency of products.
  • Develop more effective and efficient means of producing ingredients for use in products.
  • Develop testing methods for ensuring and verifying the consistency of the dosage of ingredients included in our products.
  • Develop new, more effective product delivery forms.
  • Develop new products either by combining existing ingredients used in nutritional supplements or identifying new ingredients that can be used in nutritional supplements.
  • Our efforts are designed to lead not only to the development of new and improved products, but also to ensure effective manufacturing quality control measures.
    We have our own advanced laboratory that includes state-of-the art equipment. We conduct research and development in our own facilities. We currently employ various professionals in research and development and quality control with degrees in, among other things, chemistry, microbiology, and engineering and, in many cases, these professionals have also received training in natural health food products. In addition, we retain the services of outside laboratories from time to time to validate our product standards and manufacturing protocols.
    We source the finest ingredients and raw materials from around the world to create our unique formulations. A certificate of analysis from each supplier is required to guarantee product quality; then, we test and re-test at our own state-of-the-art laboratory before any material is deemed good enough to become part of a Nutraceutical product. This commitment to quality continues throughout our entire manufacturing process, where our quality control department oversees every step. No product is shipped until it has passed all of our stringent quality requirements.
    When it comes to product testing, the Metlife team is rigorous-from the moment the raw materials come through our warehouse receiving doors, to final product testing for certain contaminants, such as gluten. We know how important testing is to the QUALITY of our finished goods. Our in-house laboratories screen over a thousand samples each week using numerous testing methods (including USP) and protocols.
    Let's take a quick virtual tour of the testing methods we use, as our ingredients make their way through our manufacturing and laboratory facilities to their final journey into bottling, packaging and shipping and finally, into your hands.
  • Receiving

    As soon as any raw materials are delivered to our facility, they are quarantined. Why? Because we don´t want to use anything until it has undergone a battery of tests to ensure its identity according to its accompanying documentation.
  • Sampling

    Raw material containers are then taken into a "clean room" and samples are taken using sterile tools to prevent any cross-contamination. They are bagged and tagged and issued a lot number, which will carry the samples all the way through the manufacturing process to the final finished product.
  • Initial Sensory Test

    An initial organoleptic (sensory) testing is done while the material is in receiving. Does it look, feel, smell, and taste right? If not, why not? This is especially important with herbs, which can vary widely in color from batch to batch. Perhaps the material was harvested at a different time of the year, or the growing conditions changed. Was it extracted in a different way? The answers must be satisfactory or the material is rejected outright.
  • Physical Characteristic Test

    Then, each sample is tested for moisture content, particle size and density to ensure that it is within standard limits, as these characteristics will impact how much we can put in a capsule or tablet and how well it will blend with other ingredients.
  • Laboratory Testing

    Samples are then sent to our microbial laboratory and others are sent to our main laboratory to test its identity, potency and purity.
  • Microbial Testing

    Our microbial laboratory screens samples for a variety of microorganisms. Specific tests include total plate count, pathogens and yeast/mold.
  • Identity and Potency

    In our main laboratory, samples are tested for identity to make sure the sample corresponds to its documentation from the supplier. For our Guaranteed Potency extracts, we test the sample for specific phytonutrients and amounts using several high-end detectors employing improved analytical specificity and sensitivity. With chemicals (such as vitamins or specialty substances) we test to ensure they meet our stringent specifications.
  • Contaminant Testing

    Certain herbs are tested for pesticides and herbicides. Minerals and herbs are also screened for heavy metals, including cadmium, lead and mercury by specialized ICP-MS (Inductively-Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometer) to ensure they meet California's Prop 65 limits. Many of our products are screened for the presence of gluten using enzyme-linked immune sobant assay (ELISA) techniques.
  • Irradiation Testing

    We have been screening for the possible irradiation of most incoming herbs so they meet EU and UK standards. We do not accept irradiated herbs for any of our brands. Only then are the raw materials released from quarantine and distributed for manufacturing among our 60-plus brands. HOWEVER, our testing doesn't end there!
  • Disintegration and Dissolution Testing

    Our tablets, capsules are tested to ensure appropriate disintegration takes place in accordance with USP and in-house standards. They are then agitated in an appropriate media and must dissolve within a specified time.
  • Stability Testing

    Product are placed under accelerated conditions using a temperature/humidity environmental chamber or entered into a real-time stability program. Most of the products within the Metlife Family of Brands are shelf-stable for one to three and half years. We stamp a lot number and a use-by date on each label so you can be assured a fresh product when purchased.
  • Label Verification

    And finally, to ensure that all of our products meet label claims and that our labels reflect the latest FDA regulations, we pass them through our Research and Development team and our legal department to verify that any cautionary or warning statements comply with the recommendations stated in the sro,s by the ministry of health and drug regulatory authority of pakistan.
  • Metlife has long believed that the quality of its brands depends on its stringent procedures, standards and processes documented and verified by its Quality Control staff. The trust and loyalty that our customers have expressed for our products over the years is what drives us to continuously improve our testing methods and ensure THE HIGHEST QUALITY in each and every product we produce.